Designed Around You

Your outdoor surroundings should reflect your personal tastes and provide an inviting atmosphere to relax in. Whether it’s simple plantings that add color and beauty to your yard or an elaborate paved backyard oasis with an outdoor kitchen – whatever your vision – we can work with you to design it and bring it to life.

According to your budget, we can implement it all at once or in stages.

We offer full landscaping design and implementation services. We consider aspects such as the style and location of your home, drainage needs, soil type and composition, amount of sunlight and so forth to select the plants that will harmonize with your personal tastes and flourish in your surroundings.

Check out our landscaping portfolio (link) and Pinterest board (link) for ideas and inspiration.

Hardscaping refers to the non-living parts of your landscape like sidewalks, retaining walls, patios and decks, pergolas, water features, lighting, fencing and irrigation. These aspects combine with the types of plantings and shapes of beds to create an inviting and harmonious outdoor environment.

Check out our hardscaping portfolio (link) and Pinterest board (link) for ideas and inspiration.

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Water Features
With its reflections and reactions to light, water can be entrancing and its sound can be deeply relaxing. Adding a water feature to your landscaping will create a focal point to relax by after a hard day or a beautiful backdrop for entertaining guests.

Water features have been a captivating focal point of gardens for thousands of years. Wealthy ancient Greeks and Romans built elaborate ponds and fountains as centerpieces for their homes or in public areas to promote gatherings.

Whereas in history, water features were largely affordable only to the wealthy, today’s modern materials and mechanics make some form of water feature a realistic addition to any landscape.

For example, in very recent years, the advent of affordable solar-powered pumps powerful enough for smaller water features negates the need for the costly installation of an outdoor electric supply.

For water features requiring higher-powered pumps or additional electric-powered devices such as filters and skimmers, care needs to be taken to buy quality hardware and to have a qualified technician install any outdoor electric lines and outlets. Water and electricity do not mix.

Neither do water and unsupervised children, even if for just a few moments. If you have young children or grandchildren, then you should weigh the risks of having open water in your yard.

Landscape Lighting
Outdoor lighting can highlight beautiful landscaping and hardscaping or architectural features so they can be enjoyed at any hour. It’s also helpful to illuminate walkways and doorways for safety.

Whether you want fencing for privacy, security, decoration, pool safety or to keep pests out of your garden, Outdoor Transformations can help you select the right fence style and materials to fit your needs and budget while accenting your property and landscape.

We’ll walk you through the numerous types available – wood, chain link, metal, pvc, composite – and help you select the right type, height and layout to match your needs and budget.

Irrigation Systems
Save time and energy by installing a sprinkler system to water your yard and landscape plants at the best time and with the right amount of water to ensure plant health and deep root systems.