Fertilizer, Disease & Pest Control, Trimming or Removal

Trimming & Removal
Outdoor Transformations’ tree care team provides professional tree trimming and removal services including stump grinding. When trimming, we remove dead branches and overgrowth as well as prune to promote airflow, which reduces the possibility of storm damage. If your tree is near obstacles such as power lines or house eaves, we trim with the goal of eliminating interference for at least two growing seasons.

Our tree removal team is trained to safely remove trees using our bucket truck and/or climbing techniques to rope and remove limb by limb. If you wish, we can grind the stump and sow grass or plant a new tree.

Diagnosis & Treatment
Poor tree health can be the result of lack of nutrients and other adverse soil conditions, disease, fungal infections, pests like carpenter ants, mites and borer insects or improper watering resulting in overly shallow roots.

We can diagnosis the problem and offer fertilization, treatment or removal depending on the problem and its severity.

If you have a sweetgum, crabapple or other tree you would like treated to suppress fruiting, we offer anti-fruiting applications at the appropriate time for the tree type. While treatment won’t result in complete elimination, it can drastically reduce ground cleanup efforts.

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